Meet the Pup  Doodles Team

About Jen

I have always been drawn to the beauty of pencil and the artistry of the mark. I began drawing in a serious way at age 15, and have been refining my style and approach ever since. After earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and drawing from Tyler School of Art, I attained a Graphic and Interactive Design Certificate from The University of California Berkeley Extension. While I explored all aspects of art, graphics, and image making, my passion always remained rooted in the dual simplicity and complexity of pencil on paper. 

I also love dogs. (Cats, too.) I began making dog drawings and cat drawings on commission because I saw that my pet portraits made people happy. And so, I launched Pup Doodles. 


About Cooper

Cooper is a 10-year old hound dog with soulful eyes who sleeps like a log but possesses the inner spirit of a puppy. I adopted Cooper when he was two years old, after a rescue organization found him running along a dirt road in Virginia. He has since grown into a loving (slightly chubby) member of the family who relishes long walks and waits patiently at my feet as I cook in the hopes that something might “drop” his way.

Currently living in Brooklyn, Cooper enjoys vacationing two months each year to visit the grandparents in Pennsylvania, where he is spoiled with too many treats and extensive belly rubs. 


About Cliffy

Girl meets boy. Love blossoms. Boy proposes to girl. Girl is allergic to boy's cat. This is how I came to adopt Cliffy from my allergic colleague and her husband-to-be.

After enjoying a few years lounging about alongside Cooper, Cliffy now spends most of his time with my parents in Pennsylvania. In his new home, he has the full run of the house, many deep closets to explore, semi-retired grandparents to shower him with attention, and two cat brothers to chase up and down the stairs.